Napa Valley

October 7, 2018
Bear hunting in Connecticut

Bear hunting, before we head off to the Napa Valley wineries. How my husband goes bear hunting in Connecticut   Before we start our journey to the Napa Valley. I have been asked by many of you for an update on Yogi. Our temporary resident black bear, (not sure if he knows it’s temporary though). In my last blog, you may remember he was living under our deck…

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Seattle to Connecticut

August 30, 2018
Seattle skyline

Seattle to New England road trip And the Yellowstone incident   One of my Favorite Movies ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, I Could not Help but Look Forward to the Seattle Road Trip, with or without the inlaws?   Louisiana? What Happened to Seattle? Whilst living in Louisiana my in-laws would include a road trip when they came to visit. They would fly in from the UK to somewhere a…

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July 20, 2018
Grand prismatic Spring from the overlook

Yellowstone – Do They Have the Death Penalty in Wyoming? what had my inlaws done to warrant this My first trip to Yellowstone National Park was an unmittigating disaster. We decided to do a road trip with my in-laws from Seattle to New England with two days of our trip taking in Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Arriving at Yellowstone late afternoon we decided it would be nice to…

Destinations Spain


May 10, 2018
Gothic districe in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, Armed with Pepper Spray and Two Plastic Forks followed by the international incident I caused at Toronto airport I fell in love with Gaudi and Barcelona  whilst studying interior design in the UK and decided that my bucket list would include a visit to the work of this famous Catalan architect. As it was a big O birthday this year I thought it might be nice to visit…

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September 29, 2017
The Mersed river, flowing through the Granite Valley

 Yosemite National Park- Is a Bear Really a Bear if You Don’t Hear it in the Woods? As with everything else in my life, if there’s a right way and a wrong way to do anything, guess which way it’s going to get done. Visiting Yosemite and Yellowstone was no different. We had decided to do them both at the same time, but the logistics proved too difficult…

Destinations United States

Washington DC

August 6, 2017
Washington DC - The Capitol

My Tea Trauma in Washington DC And why I had to remove my dress in the hotel elevator My husband has biennial meetings in Washington DC.  I love the city and there’s so much to do,  so I usually try to accompany him. The meetings are near Capitol Hill and we try to stay at The Liaison, a nearby boutique hotel . Unfortunately, the cheapskate powers that be,…

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